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Columbus Ohio Causes of Truck Accidents Attorneys

Why Semi-Truck Accidents Happen

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident, you want to know why it happened. At Blue + Blue Law in Columbus, our goal is to find the answer as quickly as possible and then take the appropriate action. With more than 64 years of experience on our side, we know how to conduct investigations and gather the necessary evidence. We know how to get to the bottom of a truck accident case and find out the cause, and we know how to get justice and compensation for the accident victim.

Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence

Truck driver negligence can come in many forms, including:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Intoxication or drug use
  • Speeding

No matter what the cause was, we will find out. We will hold the truck driver accountable.

Truck Accidents Caused by The Negligence of Trucking Companies

Many accidents that were caused by driver negligence were also caused by the negligence of the driver's employer. After all, companies are responsible for the people they hire. If they are pushing an employee to spend too many hours on the road and the driver causes an accident because of fatigue, the trucking company should be held responsible as well.

If the trucking company fails to properly maintain the vehicle and it causes accidents due to bad brakes or bad tires, they should be held accountable. If they overload or improperly load a truck and it causes an accident, they should be held accountable. Our Ohio lawyers will see that they are.

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