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Columbus Workplace Accidents Attorney

Employers Can Be Held Accountable for Work Injuries

Workers throughout Ohio are familiar with workers' compensation. Many workers believe it is their only source of compensation if they are injured in a workplace accident, even though it often comes up short in terms of meeting their needs. If an accident is the direct result of an employer's negligence and could have been avoided, you may have additional opportunities to get the compensation you need.

Blue + Blue Law in Columbus is committed to holding employers responsible for industrial accidents, construction accidents and other workplace accidents. With more than 64 years of experience, we know the steps to take to make employers pay for their negligence, while also taking the steps to see that victims get the workers' comp they are entitled to.

"Signs to look for that could indicate employer fault include safety violations that are investigated by OSHA. If OSHA is involved, we want to be involved."
- Douglas J. Blue

Intentional Torts: Lawsuits to Get Justice and Compensation

An intentional tort is a lawsuit that claims an employer knew with substantial certainty that an employee could be injured by certain actions. Examples of those actions include removing safety guards from punch presses or other factory equipment, failing to provide a respirator or breathing apparatus to an employee exposed to dangerous chemicals in the air or issuing worn out safety harnesses to construction workers working at heights.

Our Ohio lawyers file intentional tort lawsuits against negligent employers because it allows victims to receive compensation significantly more substantial than that provided through workers' compensation, which tends to be minimal.

If the Employer Wasn't Responsible, But Someone Else Was

If you feel that the employer was not responsible for a workplace accident, but that a separate party contracted by your employer or working at the same site was, a third party liability lawsuit can be filed. This is a personal injury lawsuit filed against any party with a presence in the workplace, including manufacturers of products used in the workplace. Like an intentional tort lawsuit, we use these lawsuits to help victims get more compensation than what workers' comp will provide. We want to see that all of a victim's costs are covered.

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