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Columbus Car Accident Lawyer

Auto Crashes often result in personal injury lawsuits and your insurance company is not always looking out for your best interest.

On the roads today there are too many distracted or negligent drivers using cell phones, texting, multi-tasking, etc. There are uninsured drivers, people driving without licenses, underage drivers, drunk drivers, and others who blatantly ignore driving laws in Ohio. And, many times, car accidents are caused by regular law abiding citizens who encounter bad weather, animals running into the road or just simply not paying attention.  In all instances, acquiring a personal injury is likely.

At Blue + Blue Law in Columbus we help our clients, their family members and/or other passengers with personal injury negligence claims when they are injured by a driver who may have been careless. We successfully achieve monetary awards for our clients because drivers have a clear responsibility to exercise reasonable care when they are driving.

"Accidents happen.  When drivers do not perform responsibly and cause injuries, personal injury law allows the injured person to recuperate his or her losses."   - Douglas J. Blue

Your insurance company will probably do a decent job of getting your car fixed. When it comes to your personal health and medical bills they want to quickly settle and are not usually looking out for your best interest. You may have felt okay immediately following your accident but three months later you may feel additional side effects. Often the real damage doesn't show up for up to 6 months. You need legal representation to negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive compensation for your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering.

What should I do after an accident?

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and feel you are not at fault:

  • Call the police - do not just exchange information with the other driver.
  • Do not move your vehicle until instructed to do so by the police, unless you feel you are in danger or the position of your vehicle is putting others in danger.
  • Do not become involved in an argument with the other driver. Try to remain calm during all cummunication with the other driver.
  • Cooperate with the police. Explain to the officer how the collision occurred.
  • If you are injured, communicate that to the police officer.
  • If an emergency squad arrives at the scene and you are injured, tell them.
  • Go to the hospital if the police officer or emergency squad member suggests you should.
  • Obtain 'Exchange of Information' form from the police officer. This will provide the other driver's insurance information.
  • Call Blue + Blue for a no cost consultation as soon as possible.
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