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Columbus Surgical Center & Urgent Care Malpractice Attorney

Compensation for Victims of Malpractice in Surgical Centers and Urgent Care Centers

Surgical centers specialize in simple, same-day surgical procedures. Urgent care centers specialize in treating people with emergency medical conditions. The specialization offered by these medical centers means that patients have every right to expect positive results when they go in for minor surgeries or for emergency medical treatment. Unfortunately, bad results happen. These centers should be held accountable for bad results. Bad results may be the result of poor medical care.

These cases are usually are generated by minor procedures to be done same-day, and the patient expects to be in and out. What can happen is bad results and unexpected poor outcomes. Many times, after the procedure, the local center will transport the patient to a hospital or major medical center. This should be a red flag.

“We’ve seen people who go in for minor procedures and experience horrific outcomes, sometimes spending days or weeks in a hospital. If you ended up in a major hospital facility following a same day procedure, or if something has gone wrong and you experienced a bad outcome, please call us immediately.”
- Jason A. Blue

Blue + Blue Law in Columbus uses more than 64 years of experience to take action against specialized medical centers and hold them accountable for malpractice that takes place within their walls. If you or a loved one has been the victim of malpractice at any Ohio surgical center or urgent care center, our attorneys' goal is to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

You Remember the Name. They Do Too.

If the name Blue + Blue Law sounds familiar, don't be surprised. Jason Blue was the former CEO of the law firm of Wolske & Blue, which was one of the most prominent medical malpractice firms in the state of Ohio. Jason and his son, Douglas Blue, formed their own firm in 2000, which is now known as Blue + Blue Law. The firm's name may be different, but the commitment to standing up for the rights of malpractice victims is the same.

Our opponents remember the name too. When surgical centers and urgent care centers see that we are serving as lawyers for a victim, they know that they are in for a challenge. They know that they will not be able to get away with providing an unfair settlement, because we will take them to court -if they do.

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