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Causes of Ohio Birth Injuries

Columbus Birth and Delivery Trauma Attorney

There are few things in life that are as hard to face as an injury to a baby at birth, or the loss of the child or the mother due to accident or negligence in the delivery room or suite. Hospitals and medical centers generally deliver exceptional care and skill to new families throughout Ohio, but a mistake or careless errors can happen to anyone. In a birth these mistakes can result in severe and permanent injury to the child, and sometimes the death of a baby or its mother.

At Blue + Blue we are a family, literally. We genuinely understand the pain and concern your family is experiencing and we want to help. If you or a loved one has experienced a bad outcome before or during the birth of a child we invite you to call us at (877) 543-BLUE (2583), or contact us to schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss your unique situation. It is important to act quickly to preserve critical evidence such as monitoring strips, data from all associated systems as well as the accounts of witnesses and involved medical staff and obstetricians.

Causes of Birth Injury, Trauma and Wrongful Death

There are several things that must go well and in sequence to accomplish a successful birth. Sometimes things go wrong. Birth injury can often be the result of:

  • Missed or misdiagnosis of risk factors that arise during the prenatal stages of pregnancy
  • Gestational Diabetes or Preeclampsia
  • Missed or misdiagnosis of fetal distress at any point prior to delivery
  • Missed or misdiagnosis of fetal distress during labor or delivery
  • Failure to respond and take appropriate timely action in response to fetal monitors and distress
  • Failure to identify oxygen distress in the baby during delivery (cord around the neck, anoxia)
  • Late determination to provide a C-section to save a baby in distress
  • Medication errors or Anesthesia complications before or during labor and delivery
  • Mishandling a baby whose shoulders have become lodged in the pelvis
  • Misuse of medical devices (such as vacuum or forceps) during labor and delivery
  • Failure to identify or respond to maternal distress, bleeding or complications

It is important to partner with a legal team with the experience, expertise and proven track record of successful outcomes in medical malpractice and birth related injury and wrongful death cases. Let us assume the burden of working to protect your family by managing the investigation and collecting and preserving valuable evidence so that you can focus on healing and recovering from these unfortunate events.

The Seventh Amendment Gives You the Right to Trial by Jury

A lot of personal injury lawyers in Columbus and throughout Ohio advertise that they will fight for you. In reality, very few of those lawyers have the courtroom experience necessary to take the case to trial. There's no fighting involved. They simply ask the insurance company for a settlement and accept it, whether it meets your needs or not. That's not how we operate.

If a settlement offer does not meet your needs, we will take advantage of your right to trial by jury. As leaders of some of the most powerful trial attorney organizations in the country, such as the American Board of Trial Advocates and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, our attorneys know how to build cases with the strength to succeed in the courtroom. We truly will fight to make your case a success.

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