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Columbus Bed Sores & Poor Medical Care Lawyer

There is No Excuse for Poor Medical Care

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are all highly trained to provide excellent medical care. That's the level of care expected when you go to the hospital or any other medical facility. That's the level of care you should get. There is no excuse for poor medical care that results in bed sores or other medical problems.

Blue + Blue Law in Columbus has more than 64 years of experience handling medical malpractice cases related to problems caused by poor medical care. If you or a loved one has suffered from bed sores or other similarly preventable medical problems, our attorneys can help you get justice and compensation.

"Bedsores are 100% preventable. Medicare won't pay the hospital when patients are re-hospitalized for complications of bed sores. Often treatment is focused on one central issue and the patient's overall health and care can be neglected. In many cases the medical staff feels a bedsore is unimportant, and these cases quickly progress into disasters."
- Jason A. Blue

Why Does Poor Medical Care Happen?

The problems that cause bedsores, medication errors and other instances of poor medical care are frighteningly simple. Often, it's miscommunication between all caregivers assigned to a patient. For example, one doctor finds out that a patient is allergic to a certain type of painkiller, but fails to document this detail. Another doctor then tells nurses to administer that type of painkiller. Another example is one nurse failing to move a patient, thinking that another nurse is in charge of it, while the patient develops bedsores.

Some of these complications leave the patient with a burden that goes beyond the physical problems. Medicare may refuse to provide coverage for an avoidable complication, and the medical facility may ask the patient to foot the bill. Our Ohio lawyers have the experience to resolve even the most complex cases involving poor medical care.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) publish a list of Hospital-Acquired Conditions(HAC's) which identifies conditions that could reasonably have been prevented. The CMS states that hospitals will not receive additional payment for cases in which one of the conditions (HAC's ) was not present during admission.

Follow the link below to view the CMS list of 10 categoreis of HAC's:

CMS List of Avoidable Complications

If you or a loved one developed one or more of the HAC's during your hospital stay AND you have experienced long-term problems caused by the condition - call us and let's explore your circumstances.

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